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After receiving alots of request from my visitors. Now I added a most awaiting and demanding feature on my website ie. "Guest Posting".
Guest posting allow you to post your content on my website. So any body around the world who want to write something
about the current trend of PHP or any other Technology on my website can simply submit there request by filling up below form. 
Once your request has been accepted you will recieved an email by us for acceptance of Guest Posting. After confirmation, you will be able to write you content directly on my website by using your Login credential which you will be provided later.

Before submitting your request you have to read the common Rules / Guidelines for Guest Posting.

Rules / Guidelines for Guest Posting:
  1.  Post content should be minimum 500 words with clear and easy Language.
  2.  Post content should be in English Language
  3.  Post content font size should be Medium size, Heading should be Large size and if you uploaded any Image then it should be center align.
  4.  Adult content are not allowed on the website.

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